Family Sponsorship Program Cambodia

SVPI is undertaking a new initiative at the request of our local team. Pha Kimmak is not only our translator in Cambodia but also our friend, guide, advisor and social worker.

Kimmak has worked with NGOs in Cambodia for a long time and is very knowledgeable about that fine line between helping a person/family without making them dependent. He suggested that providing a very poor family with the basics for 3 years is a good amount of time to lift them out of dire poverty. In this time Kimmak will personally visit the family and teach them, suggest things, help them to get work and education. Every family will be different, but the idea is that within a few years we would ‘wean them off’ the financial support and they will be in a position to support themselves.

We are looking for people interested in sponsoring a family in Cambodia. This will involve making a small ongoing contribution such as $5 a month, or $60 a year. We will need a commitment of 3 years so that KImmak doesn’t make promises to families that he can’t keep.

The SVPI team will provide any donor with financial reports that track their money from the deposit until the point that it is withdrawn by Kimmak. From Kimmak’s side, he will provide details about the family, regular updates and photographs.

We ask for direct bank transfers, so we can keep fees to an absolute minimum. We will use a separate SVPI bank account to the volunteer payments, so this money is never confused and used for another purpose. Please be 100% assured that aside from a possible international bank transfer fee, every single cent donated will go to the families. Absolutely no administration fees etc…

The bank details are:

Account name: Cambodia Fund

BSB: 083-551

Acc. number: 94-465-1716

or pay via PayPal

If anyone is interested in contributing to this social work project please fill in the form below:

Family Sponsorship Program Cambodia