SVPI Expressions showcases some of our volunteer’s creative talent in response to their volunteer experience.

Expressions can take any form- writing, art, poetry, photography, music etc…

Former volunteers who would like to share their talent on this page contact us.

Cambodia in black & white by Leah Heritage (Volunteer Nov 2018)

‘Nepal: Week 1‘ Blog by Henry Clark (Volunteer Oct 2017)

Nepal October 2017 by Calida Neal

Cambodia SVPI 2017 by Ashlea Randall (Volunteer Jan 2017)

Volunteer with SVPI by Kyla Whitmore

Earthquake relief program by Calida Neal

Nicola and Nepal‘ Blog by Nicola Gresham (Volunteer Dec 2014)

Nicola and Nepal

‘Feel So Alive’ by Dane Owen (Volunteer Dec 2014)

‘Nursing in Nepal’ by Nikola Solomon (Volunteer Oct 2014)


‘December’  by Michael Dyson (Volunteer Dec 2013 & 2014)


‘Freea’ by Man Chaudhary (Freea Fontanella Volunteer Jan 2014)


‘Boy from Jutpani’ original photo by Michael Martin (Volunteer Nov 2011) and drawing by Paige Higgins (Volunteer Dec 2013).


A selection of photographs by Kaity Heenan (Volunteer Jan 2014).

Kaity Heenan 1Kaity Heenan 2Kaity Heenan 3